Trane XL20i High Efficiency Air Conditioner Review


I won't repeat their own tagline... but when it comes to Super Efficiency and High Quality, well, Trane is hoping that nothing else can compare! The reality of finding a 20+ seer air conditioner is no longer a myth and Trane hopes the XL21i Air Conditioner will bring buyers in droves!

Trane XL21i Air Conditioner Review

The XL20I Air Conditioner is available in four different sizes, 2 ton, 3 ton, 4 ton, and 5 ton. In order to achieve anything close to the manufacturer SEER ratings, they must be matched with a variable speed indoor air handler or variable speed Trane gas or oil furnaces. If your installation requires a gas or oil furnace, you must also have the matching coil per the manufacturer recommendation, or the efficiency is not guaranteed. In other words, like any other high efficiency system, all components must be matched!

Trane XL20i Features

Efficient performance

The XL20i’s SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating of up to 20 SEER is among the highest energy efficiency rating of any air conditioner available today. The XL20i has two compressors: one for milder weather and a second larger compressor for those extremely hot days. It’s like having two units in one.

ComfortLink II Communicating Capability

When matched with other communicating components, the ComfortLinkII connects all of your key components so your system automatically charges, configures and calibrates for optimal performance and efficiency through the lifetime of your products. When the optional Telephone Access Module (TAM) is added, you can conveniently adjust settings and receive system updates wherever you are by phone.

Economical, Quiet, Durable and Cleaner

  • Increased efficiency may substantially lower your home cooling costs.
  • Multi-stage fan motor adjusts speed to quietly provide maximum comfort.
  • Materials for all components are tested again and again for long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Add Trane CleanEffects to your system for advanced air filtration that removes more dust, pollen and other irritants from your conditioned air for a cleaner, healthier, more comfortable home. And Trane CleanEffects is now proven to remove more than 99% of the common flu virus from your home’s filtered air.

Read the detailed technical specs at the Trane site

Trane XL20i Cost Estimates

[adsenseone]There are many different combinations of AC, furnace, Heat Pump, etc, to give an accurate cost estimate of the Trane XL20i System, but as some of you begin leaving your own reviews below, please make sure to let us all know where you live, the size of your system, and the cost you paid.

To have a general XL20i cost estimate before you go about pricing one of your own locally, I can tell you that here in the Charlotte NC area, a 3 Ton XL20i would cost between $8500-$12,000, including the variable speed gas furnace, matching Trane coil, thermostat and installation in a utility closet. Some of the things that affect that estimate the most:

  • Location of the Unit - an Attic or crawlspace with limited room, could add to the cost.
  • Ductwork - If rebuilding of the duct, replacement of duct, or overall duct sealing is needed, it may add.
  • Clean Effects air cleaner - if you want to go with a clean air solution, plan to pay a bit more.
  • Size - 2-3 ton units are generally about the same price, but if you need a 4-5 ton unit, you can expect a slightly higher premium, as well as quite a bit larger footprint for the unit itself.

Trane XL20i Rebates

3 Free Estimates
The cost estimate above does NOT take into account both Trane rebates and energy efficiency rebates being offered locally or nationally. Trane offers a $1000 rebate on the full system, and the unit also qualifies for the Energy Tax Credit. Check with your local Trane dealer for a more detailed quote, as well as all energy rebates the unit you need may qualify for.

Trane XL20i Owner Reviews

Owners, please write your reviews below...

71 Comments on Trane XL20i High Efficiency Air Conditioner Review

  1. I had a Trane xl20i (5 ton) air conditioner and a Trane XC80 Furnace installed yesterday.. The local dealer that installed it did a phenomenal job. I looked at quite a few dealers locally before settling on the one we used. There is a local home builder in town here that is VERY selective on who they use and they use this company exclusively….. The install could not have been better…. Cost on entire unit in including tax was $8500.00 after quite a bit of haggling. The installers that came out said they had not seen this combo sold for this low of price before. They said they put the same system in another house in town last week and cost was $11,000. I feel we got a very good deal. (if in the wichita area and you are considering a trane unit…you can email me at for dealer info)

  2. We are in North Carolina and had an Trane XL20I heat pump installed with a high efficiency variable speed gas furnace in November 2009. Since winter is almost over, we do have a good idea of the savings.

    Our gas bill went down by 70%, Our electric bill went UP by 110%, but overall heating the home was down by 25-30% over last year, and we had a LOT colder winter this season.

  3. I live in Miami area and I just (03.03.2010) replaced the old Trane XL 1200 with a new 4 ton Trane XL20i, 17.5 SER with electric heater. The charge is $ 6500 minus 1000 rebate from Trane and minus 1000 rebate from FPL. Then $4500 out of my pocket.

  4. Hey Alex,

    I live in Miami area too. I’m planning to replace my 10 year plus Central AC too. May I know who installed your new AC. Thanks, REY

  5. Hi Alex and Ray (2 posts above). Can I also get who installed your units as we have a quote which is 2K more than what you stated. Want to contact them as well. Not sure how we can get the infom, but if you post again, I will read it. Thanks. Kevin

  6. Hello,
    I live in Louisville, KY and want to replace my old Trane unit. How much should I pay for4 this?

  7. Hi, if anyone in the room has a question regaring trane systems like the XL 20I feel free to contact me! We been in the HVAC business for over 36 years. the only company in the industry that gives 3 years labor!! 954-246-4129

    Thank you,Alex


  8. Hi guys,
    You can get 3 local estimates free of charge (from highly recommended contractors) by clicking on the Quality Smith banner in the top right corner. Or, you can click HERE and be taken there as well.

    Hope that helps!

  9. Hello,

    I just had the XL20i heat pump (3-ton) and A/C handler (with 5k heat strip) installed and it was $7,800.

    If you live in Florida (Orlando) it would be appreciated if you could provide recommend setting for humidity, programable temp settings, fan speeds, etc. Also, any tips you may have regarding operation or maintenance.

  10. I also live in south florida, just had PRIDE AC instal the 3 ton Trane XL20i, 18.5 SEER with electric heater. The charge is just like Alex’s…. $ 6500 minus 1000 rebate from Trane and minus 1000 rebate from FPL. Then $4500 out of my pocket.
    Minus the full tax credit of $1500 for doing this is 2010 means it costs $3000.

  11. Annie,

    Just curious, Why did you pick Pride A/C and did you take bids from any other contractors?

  12. I just got a quote for a XL20i 3 ton for $10500 in Charlotte NC. The installer said the install would be straightforward so I cant imagine theres a lot of labor in this price. Anyone know why so high? This is a small outfit that friends have told me is very trustworthy and does great work at very reasonable prices. What gives? Also, can anyone recommend any good HVAC people in Charlotte, NC that I can contact for quotes?

  13. I’m in Arizona. Just upgraded my split AC system with a 4-ton XL20i, XC80 furnace, matchning coil, CleanEffects system, and XL900 thermostat for $11,000. This cost also involved some basic AC related remodeling work that included relocating the furnace/coil from the attic to the garage, new return and supply plenums, and adding a new supply vent with ductwork.

  14. I live in Columbus Ohio and am about to replace the old (1972) Lennox 88000 BTU (output) furnace and the 6 SEER Amana – 3 Ton A/C. I have just started looking into my options. So far I have been maintaining the system myself, and now it’s ime for a new one. The current system still works and has always been very comfortable except for te age and the verrrryy low eff. A/C.

    I was looking at Trane from Home Depot. Their cost seems reasonable except that I don’t like the idea that one can not get Trane parts and have to depend on dealers for maint.

    In any case, How is the quality and reliability of TRANE. Does anyone have experience buying from Home Depot ? How does their price and service compare ?



  15. Can someone explain what the “FPL” stands for in relation to the $1000 rebate? Also, where can I find info on this $1500 full tax credit? I live in Mississippi and from what I can see here, prices are all over the place. If I can get a deal like Annie did where she paid $3000 after all those rebates I would definitely install. Feel free to email me at: pnightbird(at) and put “a/c” in subject line please.

    I originally was looking for the air conditioning unit that came with a small solar panel that I saw advertised in a mag but can’t remember the maker. I would LOVE solar panels on my 1800 sq. foot home to lower energy costs, but they are so darn expensive it seems like only the wealthy can afford to purchase enough of them to truly make a difference in lowering utility bills, which is a shame since I live in a state that is full of sunshine and unbearably hot. Any answer would be much appreciated, thanks!

  16. I have read the comments about the XL20i.

    It does reduce heating cost in winter because it heats the air using only the furnance portion of the AC system.
    The 110% electric bill is crazy, the cooling cost should have dropped by at least 50%.
    The XL20i is the model not SEER rating, the size of the unit 2,3,3.5,4.0 and 5.0 are the tonnage cooling cap.
    The smaller 2.0, 3.0, are the high efficent ones at @19.5, the 4.0 and 5.0 are less at about 15.0- 16.5 Seer on a good day.

    Trane has had a problem with seer rating equiptment due to improper Cooling Coil match up at installation, and TXV problems.

    The compressor outside will not be able to properly cool (cost saving operation) at furnance coil making it work excessive. The longer the compressor runs the bigger the power bill in cooling season.

    You may have the wrong coil installed due to inexperence with this issue at point of sale right through to installation.

    By sad experience I have removed Trane gear installed by another companys and put in Lennox because Homeowner was put out by Trane problems and experienced a big drop in summer cooling cost with Lennox right away. He was so happy we have been refered to the HOA and have now replace even the multi building used for clubhouse and rec (20 units).
    and 50 residences as to date.

    Remenber product only as good as installation, your AC company needs to revisit your job and with you determine the correct components and part numbers from TRANE IND not dealer and then verify and if needed replace at dealers expense according to Registry of Contractor Agreement.

    Good luck,
    JF Phx

  17. I live near Fredericksburg, VA, and need to get my central air and heat pump replaced (sitting in 90 deg heat while typing this). I’ve got a contractor coming out on Monday to provide estimate on Trane. I have a 13 yo York, 4-ton, and am looking to get the biggest Trane. Does anyone out there live in this area, recently had a placement, and can tell me what to look out for/recommend a contractor. I need to get the system replaced within the next 2 weeks. Maybe I’ll lose some water weight during this time….lol….

  18. Hey… Rey and Kevin
    I can also give you a great deal/Quote on any Trane model available in the Miami area. Give me a call at 305.984.8016 or click on my name to visit my website.

  19. I am in Houston and need to replace an 18 year old heat pump. I priced the XL20i and the XL16i, including condensor, coil and furnace matched just like Trane’s website and adding a programmable thermostat, 1 by Trane & 1 by Honeywell that makes the Trane ‘stat.

    Costs are $8,800 to 9,250 for the XL16i and right at $10,000 for the XL20i. Am I missing something or do my quotes include extra equipment?

    Also did anyone else look at the XL16i, too? What was your conclusion? Our weather is hotter and more humid than most anyplace elsein the country, so the 2 stage units should really help us.

  20. I paid $7017 for a 5 ton XL201i thru Trinity A.C. in Palmetto Bay, Florida with a FPL rebate and $1500 energy tax credit. I don’t know my savings yet, but I do keep my thermostat at 78 instead of 76 and I’m very comfortable with that setting. It does a great job in removing the humidity.

  21. Replacing a Train 19seer and am considering a Train 20 seer. Any comments from the Dallas/Ft Worth area regarding cost and reliable dealers? Thanks.

  22. I am looking to replace my 4 ton HVAC system. I live in Fresno, California where we have four to five months of 90+ whether with at least three months of this in the 100’s. What type of system would you recommend for this type of weather?

  23. We just got a quote for a 3 ton XLi $5,560 including Trane and FP&L rebates, in Stuart, FL. We had the same unit installed in another zone of our home last year for $6,500, less the $1,500 (one time only) IRS tax rebate. We are hoping to qualify for the new “clunker” AC rebate in Florida (Started August 10, 2010).

  24. I just got a 3 ton Trane XL20i with the Trane XL900 Thermostat installed in my Tampa, FL home for about $7700.00. That price includes parts and labor.

    I love this unit. The house is a lot cooler and it uses a LOT less power than my older unit. It runs super quiet!

    As of right now I leave the Thermostat set to 76 degrees and the humidity to 65%. I wish the Trane XL900 Thermostat had the ability to connect to a home network. I would like the remote capability. I don’t care much for the phone interface they have.

  25. I am getting the XL20i 5 ton unit installed today 10/2/2010. The whole system was $8,100.00 with $1,500 FPL rebate, $1,000 Train Rebate,$1,500 from Federal Tax Credit and finally $1,500 cash for clunkers in Florida. So my out of pocket was $5,700 and $3000 in tax credits. I will get the whole system for $2,700, un friggin real. Just 2 years ago my brother paid $8,500 for the same system. My brother said this system saved him up to $300 per month, I am looking forward to that becase my last month FPL bill was $650. I cant wait to see what it does for me. This system is huge, both the air handler and the dual air compressor are giganic. The air handler was so big they had to go down to Miami to get the low profile version of this unit. Now is the time to buy! With all of the credits going on till the end of the year you need to get one even if it is not time. The system I took out was a 5 ton Lenox unit that I brought 7 years ago, however it was only a 12 seer andd I needed to save more money. Jeff

  26. i just had the 4 ton XL20i heat pump installed today by Stiver’s HVAC here in Lexington ky. it is replacing the old forced air heat furnace and A/C that has been in this house since 1994. I am homping it will save some serious dollars off my heat bill this winter. Rick Stivers was great to work with and was more than competitive with the other big name compaines here in town.


  28. Anybody close to Athens, GA?

    We’ve got two Trane XL20i systems installed and are very unhappy. We’ve got one sitting right now with an error 79 on the thermostat, red light on, and saying it’s running on aux heat. We’ve disconnected the ERV unit and dehumidifier (which insists on running even when the humidity is below 40% and humidistat is set to 80%). Only way to get rid of error is to power off at breaker, but then the error shows back up. Blowing cool air and wife blowing steam!!

    We’ve been in our new EarthCraft home for six months and have to say the Trane systems are not living up to our expectations at all.

    We could really use someone giving a second look at our installation. Any Trane folks on this blog?

  29. The Trane XL20I is listed as the top of their line. It is sold to consumers as being extremely well built and tested. My experience has been that after only 6 months BOTH COMPRESSORS FAILED, as well as some unknown electrical problems. Ref# 378339
    Trane stated this has never happened, yet they are unwilling to replace the compressor unit to determine what has happened. They stated there needed to be three failure events before they consider replacing the compressor unit. They indicated the failure of both compressors is considered one failure.
    If Trane is unwilling to stand behind a product which costs in excess of $10,000 then anyone considering Trane may want to think about how you would feel if this had just happened to you.

  30. The XL20I is a great system but you can get more bang for your dollar on certain sizes by looking at the revamped XL16I. For example on a 3 ton XL16I you can get the same efficiency as the 20I, which is 18 seer. Both systems are two stage cooling. The difference is the 16I only uses one compressor that is uploading to 60% and 100%. The 20I has two compressors that is 50% and 100% capacity. The big difference is price the 16I is around $1900 to $1300 less to buy. In my opinion it doesn’t make sense to spend the extra money to just have an extra compressor and more computer boards to make the system communicate with the other components. The 20I has other features but I feel the savings out ways the benefits. Sometimes too many controls and boards are not so good. I’m a contractor in South FL and very experienced on these systems. Feel free to contact me for more information.

  31. Hey Mel, Your contractor should handle the exchange for you and their should not be a charge to replace the compressors. I’m a contractor in S. FLorida & if my customer’s A/C went out on an XL product they would not pay a thing for two years. We install probably over 400 Trane systems per year and have only had only one compressor fail in the last 3 years. We could sell any unit in the market but my 1st choice is Trane. From the training and customer service support to the final product there tuff to beat. I’m encourage my customers to look at the revamped XL 16I. Two stage cooling with one compressor on a 3 ton you get 18seer. The price is much less then the 20I.

    Like Robert said above it’s all about the installation and the company. Get a solid installation you may not have problems but if you do make sure your contractor can fix them.

  32. I was one of the first in my region of Texas to have the Trane 20i installed on our home, on our farm.

    We had a Rheem (which failed twice in 12 years, replaced once the first time after 6 months.)

    Our house is 2,100 square feet, having 6 inch walls with blown-in insulation to R22. And the attic has R30. Our floor (pier and beam) has R19 insulation.

    The new Trane 20i cut our electric bill in half. It was a Godsend for the hot and humid area we live in. It is much more quiet the the Rheem and we are more comfortable in our house during hot summer months.

    The past winter, we saw temps dip down to 6 degrees and I am glad I have a cast-iron stove in our house, because when the temps get to about 30 degrees, all heat pumps (including my “Mighty” Trane 20i struggle. But, this HVAC kicks butt over anything around me and no neighbors have as “cheap” electric bill as we do in both the summer and the winter.

  33. I had to replace a 2.5 ton AC unit the first week in July and bought a three ton XL20i with matched air handler etc. I was told the old unit was too small and three ton was the proper size. I choose their most expensive offering because I was promised significant energy savings (along with some rebates and tax credit). In the eighteen months prior to this installation, my average energy usage was 35.25 kilowatt hours per day. In the twenty one months after the new unit was installed, my energy usage is averaging 40.634 kilowatt hours per day. With all things being equal before and after the new air conditioner, same two people, same lifestyle, same appliances, same TV’s, same video games, same computers, same pool equipment, I think you will have to agree I have not experienced anything near significant energy savings. Like Mel’s post above, Trane wasn’t interested saying call the dealer! Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so, contact in West Palm Beach, FL

  34. We just had the XL21i Air Handler, AC, 3 ton, heat strip, air cleaner, and newest Thermostate installed. Well, it would not work because the Mother Boar5d in the Air handler is toast.TRANE should NOT have put the Mother Biard into the Air Hanmdler and shipped it that way. SHould have sent the Mother Board separately, like the newest Thermostat which IS shipped in a crush proof box. Heat is 91
    here in Col Springs today and this COUKLD have been avoided had they had some QAA at Trane in Tyler TX. I am told that they also recommend that the system be cleaned twice a year by Trane personnel. I do not agree. Once a yr should be plenty and not until 1 yr AFTER the system
    is finally working. Too costly and not warranted. People at Robbins
    Heating and AC are great to have install the system, but TRANE needs to get their head out of rectal defolade. They also bnent to louvered
    saide pannel on the outside condensor when they shipped it and THAT needs to ALSO be replaced. WHERE is QA – TRANE?

  35. Sorry about the misspellings in above comment, folks – too POd about this to spell correctly today I guess!

  36. I am planning to replace my a/c with Trane 20i 4 ton unit and I got a quote for $7800 in DFEW area and there is $500 tax credit this year. Is this a good price for this system?


  37. Had a 3 1/2 ton Trane installed in central Florida 5 years ago. Last year the condenser coil inside leaked and had to be replaced, this year the high pressure coil outside id leaking and is being replaced. Trane is super unreliable, I don’t know how they stay in business.

  38. Our Trane XL system is six yrs old and has totally failed. We have to replace the cooling coil due to a pin hole leak. This leak also caused the TXP valve to fail. Even though the coil itself is covered under warranty, we are still paying $1,500 out of our pocket. This is a six year old system so we are very disappointed to say the least. We would NOT recommend Trane. They are higher priced and with a major failure like that, very high maintenance. We live in Seattle, so this unit is not overworked at all. It runs approx 3 months out of the year and seldom for 24 hrs at any given time. Trane products are clearly substandard and over rated. If you want a durable system that will last….AVOID TRANE. By the way, it’s also been nearly 2 two weeks and we still cannot seem to get the repair scheduled. Poor service, poor quality…equals a poor product.

  39. I am getting bids in Granite City, IL (across the river from St. Louis, MO) for an XL20I 4 ton condensing unit and an XV95M 100K furnace with 5 ton coil. Also a Clean Effects air cleaner and a Trane fan powered humidifier plus a TCON900A thermostat.
    I’m getting 2 new returns and 2 new supplies installed. According to installer these are easily done with minimal times involved.
    The installer was here for 1.5 hours going over what I need and then suggested the above equipment.
    The bid was $20,902.00.
    I am going to get another Trane bid and also a bid from another high end manufacturer. Looking at the prices above, nothing is real similar, but the bid does seem high.

  40. Trane 5 Ton 13 SEER XR13 – R410A Heat Pump
    Trane Hyperion Air Handler – 5 Tons
    Programmable Thermostat
    Line Set Flush
    15kw heater for air handler with breaker
    Honeywell 4-in filter system
    Drip pan
    Plenum with externally wrapped foil insulation
    Concrete condenser pad

    D/FW area – equipment, installation – approx. $8500

  41. I had a 4-ton xL20i installed in November 2010. It is matched with the XC 80 furnace. This is the first cooling season I’ve used it and while it is quieter than the older Bryant unit that it replaced, I do have a concern about it’s operation. Once the outside temps reach around 100 (which is always now since I live in Arizona), the unit never shuts down. I mean it runs on high speed until it reaches the desired indoor temp and then it kicks back into low speed and runs continuously. The first tech replaced the thermostat, the second said it’s supposed to run like that because it’s a communicating system? This may be the wrong forum for this but I want to make sure this is proper OP. I’d appreciate any professional response.

  42. I am just getting ready to purchase an XL20i 5 Ton unit. Living in the Tampa area and have it narrowed down to two suppliers. Both are coming in around the same price. ($8,400 to $8,800)This includes the$1,000 trane rebate and the $275.00 TECO repate. I am curious as to what Jeff B. wrote above on 10/2/10. FPL is offering a much larger rebate than TECO and I was hoping that someone could turn me on to even more credits or rebates. Any ideas?
    Also wondering if Jeff B. has more than one unit in his home to drop his power bill that much.

  43. I have a condo in S/W FL and will be replacing a 10 year
    old HVAC due to rust. It was a cheap contractor model and
    am glad I got 10+ yrs. I have 2150′ under air and would like
    to know if 3 ton is sufficient. I’m on 2nd floor. Can someone
    respond, recommend a company and if Trane is still giving

  44. We had our 2nd floor system replaced in May of 2010 and have enjoyed saving over 50% in summer cooling bills just changing out the 2nd floor system. We have been in the house for 16 years and we have never been able to control the temps and humidity like we can now. It was always too cold on the 1st floor and stuffy on the 2nd and the 2nd floor would run 24×7 but it would still be unconfortable. The XL20i cured that problem and also reduced my bills at the same time! It was worth it to just get the comfortable environment and the bonus of saving money make me smile everytime I get the lower bill. Next step is to replace the original 1st floor system when it dies with an XL20i too.

  45. Hi Howard, to size your home with only 2100 square feet would be only guessing. You should have a heatload calculation done on the condo. The designer looks at the window types and size, the roof, the direction the house faces and construction. A quick calculation could be done and take the guessing work out. I would tell you from exp. that if you have another condo unit above you I would (roughly speaking)say every 600 square feet a ton of Air Conditioning so 2100/600=3.5ton. I would be really uncomfortable using a 3 ton system.

    If you need a heat load perfomed contact me.

  46. Looking to get a 4 tonne trane ac system. I’m in Boca, Florida. Current quote for the xl20i is 5400 dollars after all rebates applied. Anyone know if I can get cheaper? Need to know by Saturday as plan on early next week installing it.

  47. We purchased a TRANE XL21i in June 21, 2011. During installation the front panel did not fit back correctly and Trane told the installers that TRANE told them this was an issue with this unit and to add weather stripping. This stopped the air leak, but clearly looks like a “do it yourself” fix. The unit has broken down three times – first was a faulty pressure readings at the coils, second was the overflow switch from the drain pan and third has yet to be determined, of course it stopped working at 8:00pm on Friday before labor day weekend. None the less, 3 breakdowns in just over 2 months. At this point I am looking to see if Trane will refund our $7,000 for the system so we can purchase a system that actually works.

  48. This is what I wrote to Trane about or really bad A/C unit:
    Dear Mr. Michel,
    Just a few years ago we purchased a top of the line home A/C unit, the Trane XL19i including the air handler and Clean Air Effects.
    Over the last three and a half years we have had nothing but trouble with our new Trane XLI-19. From a broken heater element in the winter, to numerous replacement of the air cleaner, from leaking refrigerant to a replaced condenser. This is the just summary, we’ve endured 3 years of malfunctioning equipment, right from the day we purchased it, all the way through now, with a leaking unit that does not cool that well. As of now, the unit is still not working well and is literally taped up with duct tape by the installer.
    It is too late for us, we purchased the complete new system, now over 3 years ago, and are stuck with expensive repairs each time it fails. But I want you to know how the systems you are selling are not as good as you advertise. “Nothing can stop a Trane”?, well ours stops frequently.
    Also, the “licensed and official” dealers who install them do not know your equipment well, and on numerous occasions have demonstrated that they cannot properly diagnose or repair the Trane XLI-19i. I have printed out the manuals many times and shown the installers on how some of the parts should work.
    So, as said, all I can do is make you aware of this and post my experiences online as much as possible, so that others do not make the same mistakes we have made.
    In short, below are only some of the issues we have had:
    • From day 1, the clean air effect was not installed properly, never worked. Installation company was not aware, did not know how to wire it.
    • Emails to Trane went unanswered on multiple issues.
    • Unit was rewired 6 months later. Now properly wired, still not cleaning air.
    • Heat coil broke, called in for service requesting it to be replaced. Installer came, did not bring coil. Diagnosed: coil broken and had to come back with coil. Came back with wrong coil. Fixed after 10 days in the cold.
    • Unit malfunctioning: clean air effects error lights. Months of hassle with the installer, all they could do in the end is replace some parts and tape the unit shut with duct tape. Problem not fixed.
    • Condenser frozen, unit not cooling. Added refrigerant.
    • Leak detected in condenser, replaced whole condenser at my expense.
    • Unit still leaking on the outside and inside.
    During the first 3 years, the company that installed the unit, All Year Cooling and Heating, did a terrible job. They not only installed the unit wrong, they never repaired the unit fully. Their service is of the lowest level.
    Most recently our unit has been serviced and repaired by CMi A/C & Electrical in Lake Park FL, who has done a better job. Of course they billed us for the repairs and service, as they should, but for a high end unit that is fairly new, one would not have expected these kind of repairs.
    I have not included the many service bills or receipts in this letter. With the model and serial numbers and the information on the installation and the service company you can do some research on the many issues your products have. Per the many service people and per the various posts in the forums, your A/C units are breaking down more than other brands
    With the exception of the initial “repairs”, we have faced several expensive bills for repairs, in both refrigerant and labor.
    So, in conclusion, the Trane A/C unit has been a very bad and expensive choice.

  49. We just had a 3 ton TRANE XL21i installed together with a matching airhandler and a new programmable thermostat into our 1700 sq. ft.home. We live in South Florida and we wanted to purchase the highest efficiency unit that we could find as it is very hot here for a good part of the year and because we intend to stay in this house for a long time. We paid $6,000.00 after all rebates. From the very first day we cannot get it to maintain the temp set on the thermostat during the hottest times of the day, also it does not ever turn off but runs continuously. We checked our FPL bills and found that we are using more kilowhat hours now after installation of the new unit. It does run very quietly. The installer has been very good about trying to fix the problem but it has now been 3 weeks and we are still going around and around about a proper fix. Because we have very high ceilings and although all of the heat load ratings indicate we should have a 3 ton unit we have discussed putting in either a 3-1/2 ton or a 4 ton unit. They tried putting in a new drop to see if that worked and they said that there was a broken duct and they fixed it (although they should have caught that during initial installation don’t you think?) That still did not fix the problem. Finally they said Trane needed to come and check out the situation. Trane came and said that the installation is fine and the unit is fine. The only real recommendation they made was that they would make the air flow on the outside unit go in a different direction. Well the installer called me after this and says that they are thinking of putting in a different make unit altogether and I said no I want a Trane because it is suppossed to be the best. Then they said they want to put in a 3-1/2 unit. The problem is the 3-1/2 unit does not have the two motors and is not high efficiency. They are willing to give me some money back but I don’t know how much yet. I am insisting on the 4 ton unit now because I want the high efficiency unit with the two motors. In order to give me the 4 ton unit they say they need to put another duct in my bedroom and charge me more for the 4 ton unit. I don’t know how much more. I think I have paid enough and I’ve been put through enough aggrevation. They should put the duct in my bedroom and put in the 4 ton unit and not charge me any more money. I’m concerned now after reading all the entries here that maybe I shouldn’t use a Trane at all. Any suggestions please?????

  50. The installer has decided to put in the additional duct and the 4 ton unit. They tried to collect an additional $650.00 but when I told them they could come and take their unit out and I would get another installer to put in a unit the sale guy said he would take the $650.00 out of his commission. So we are awaiting the new unit. I will post again after the new unit is installed.

  51. My husband and I just received quotes on new A/C units. Both quotes were with Trane condensers. However, we found out that the air handler used maybe a problem and may be a problem with your A/C. If you use a TAM or GAM airhandled, that may be the problem. Those types of air handlers have been giving A/C companies fits and one of the companies who gave me an estimate on an A/C unit stated whatever TAM/GAM units he had in stock he gave back. He refuses to install them and stated if we insist on purchasing one, we will have to sign a waiver if it breaks down, he’s not responsible. So, for those of you who are having problems, check to see what type of air handler you have.

    Hope this helps.

  52. Hello,

    I live in Tampa, FL area and received price of $7,794.75 for the following:

    Trane 3 ton XL201I Heat Pump, Trane Variable Speed Convertible Air Handler, Guardian Air UV Purification System, Honeywell UV Violet 1 bulb for evap. coil and 10 year Part & Labor Extended warranty System.

    Can anyone tell me if this system works well and if is a good deal.


  53. Building a 1,000 sq. ft. cottage for Texas ranch. Looking at XL20i or XL16i with all of the appropriate air handlers, XL 800 series Thermostat and Tran CleanEffects. What should the price range be for a total new construction install?

    Also, we will have a 2nd story bunkroom and large closet – seperated and consisting of approx 3 to 400 sq. ft. Do we need a seperate unit for this space or can it be managed seperately from the downstairs on one unit? This space will not need the same temperture as the downstairs because it will be used only on week-ends and for storage? i have been told we will need a seperate split system unit, but that jsut sound silly to me? Can’t one space be temperature controlled differently than the other, but still use one unit, but a second thermostat control? Estimated fair price and design thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, R

  54. I just purchased a XL16i 5 ton heat pump and a XV95 furnace. When they came to install, they didn’t have anymore 16 heat pumps (only A/C units) so the company gave me the XL20i instead. No price change, so i got about 2,000 free! Its only been a week but so far I love it. It seems like a very cleaner atmosphere. I know that sounds weird but it seems like night and day from the old unit. The humidifier/dehumidifier also makes such a difference. This house was built only 2 years ago and the HEIL that I had, turned into a giant ice block. Very disappointing. We paid 9,900 for a XL20i and a XV95 furnace for a 5 ton system. Plus we got the 1,500 Tax rebate and another 1,000 from Trane. We will be using that 1,000 to get a tank less water system. So bottom line….7,400 for a 5 ton system. I think we got a helluva deal. I cant wait to start seeing my monthly bills.

  55. We had the 4 ton unit installed and it works much better than the 3 ton unit that they initially installed. It is definitely what we needed. So if you have very high ceilings you need to go with a bigger unit than what the workup says that you need. The installer even had a Trane rep come out to see if they did anything wrong when they calculated that we needed a 3 ton unit. He came up with the same calculation but despite what the calculation said, we needed to go up a full ton in size in order to get the cooling right. I am impressed with the installer Lindstrom. They stood by the job and they did us right. So we ended up with a 4 ton unit for 6,000 and I think we did pretty well after everything is said and done.

  56. We purchased a brand new Trane unit in July of 2010. A year and half later, the a/c is not blowing cold air. I contacted one of our local air conditioning companies to come out and look at what was going on. They informed me that there was a manufacture defect and the coil had a hole in it and was leaking freon. He informed me that the coil would be covered under Trane’s warranty, but I would have to pay for the installation and the freon. I got them to get me an estimate and it was going to be $775. Yep.. Thats right. I paid over $4000 for a new a/c a year and half ago and now I was going to have to shell out another grand (the cost of installation plus the service call for them just to tell me what was going on) The a/c tech told me he had seen this before on the Trane units and the problem was very common. So I decided to 1st call Trane and give them an oppurtunity to correct the problem and all I received was very rude customer service, a hang up, transfered all around, empty promises of a call back and finally asked after giving my story “so what’s the problem then?”. I got another a/c company to come take a look and and they informed me that they too had seen this problem and that in fact I have 2 holes and not just the one. They patched it for the time being but told me that it would keep happening and I really need to replace the coils, which again, was told the part is under warranty. They are still working on an estimate for the labor and freon.

    One of the times I talked to a Trane representative, (the one who hung up on me) (Ray something or other in San Antonio) he told me “the problem is the air…the air is causing the holes” Apparently he thinks I am a complete fool and an idiot and thought I would just accept that answer. So I informed him..”don’t give me some BS story” He didn’t like that too much and told me he was done talking to me.

    The second Trane representative ( who was actually very sweet and nice) informed me that the a/c tech did not install spacers between my coils and this is why I am having this issue. I have yet to ask the original techs who installed my a/c if they were suppose to install spacers or not. It appears just by reading all the complaints that a whole bunch of a/c techs apparently didn’t install the spacers. So to me, it sounds like they are very aware of the situation, but are doing nothing to correct the problem. For instance, why are they not installing these “spacer” at the factory? Why are the “spacers” not included in the original packaging? Why is nothing mentioned in the installation manual about installing these “spacer”?

    On to my third incounter with the Trane rep. This guy was a piece of work. He told me that I would receive a call back from the field manager by the end of the day. I still have yet to receive that phone call and it has been three days. When I told him my original story, he asked “So whats the problem?”. Really Dallas? Not only did I shell out $4000 a little over a year ago, but now I have to shell out another grand? So when I was giving him my daily call to check in today he told me that Trane will not pay for the installation of the coils because that will make Trane look bad and the company that does the installation may not carry Trane units anymore after that. I informed Mr. Dallas that if they do not fix the issue, the a/c company that did the installation ( my husband works on the electrical side of the local company) will no longer be carrying Trane after I get done with them and tell them how messed up their company is and does not back their product.

    Bottom line is, if Trane does not do a recall, then there will be lawsuits against them. Im not saying it will be me, but after looking online at all the upset consumers that are spending their hard earned dollars on these faulty a/c’s, there should be one if no one has started one. Trane has the opportunity to make this right and they are just too money hungry to see the bigger picture. Every one makes mistakes. It takes a much bigger person (or company in this case) to admit it and I am not sure that company is Trane.

  57. Live in Southwest Texas.
    Installed both:
    XL20i 5Ton XC80 Gas Furnace XL802 Thermo complete split unit
    XL20i 4Ton XC80 Gas Furnace XL802 Thermo complete split unit
    for left and right wings of house at a cost of 18K

    Is this a fair price?

  58. Looking for a new ac unit in Austin. Have always had Trane but we do have quite a few maint. calls. The main problem has been keeping the Clean Effects filter clean and running. In any event, we have been quoted bothe the XL20i and the XL 16i. One of the dealer sales rep said there is a problem with a $20 part on the Xl16i compressor. Has anyone one heard of this issue. The XL 16i is a better fit at a better price for us but I don’t want to get it if it has design issues.

  59. After several discussions with local companies, we settled on local HVAC company who is small and has been in business for 17+ years. We went with the Trane XL20i for $8500 net. We are in the Fairview/Allen/Lucas area.

    Pleasant Valley air was recommending an American Standard – comparable to Trane & made at the same plant in Tyler, Texas – for $14,000+tax and more.

  60. Hey Randy in AZ, also in AZ & purchased the 20XL have the same issue, seems the system is always running. Overall, electric bill up and cant say I’m satisfied with this “state of the art” HAVC system. Shelled out over 10K w/ XC80 furnace, programmable thermostat, clean effects.

  61. I purchased the XL20i, 5 ton last year, I had several issue about the cooling. The system was not as strength as advertised. The temp in my house can’t cool down to 74F in summer time even I set the thermal-stat to 60F. I called for service several times but the situation could not be improved.
    Another problem I would like to share is the coil of the air handler was horrible. Trane made it with cheap sheet metal, bad coated. When the technician came and opened to repair the valve, i saw the sides of the coil totally rusted. I wonder how could it last for several year ahead. I total disappointed with the quality and don’t recommend this kind of product.

  62. i have read all these posts and am afraid to have one of them installed. We have had geo thermal, which was
    always a problem now have found out, the unit wasn’t the right size, etc. Then we left geo thermal, had another
    system installed, just found out it wasn’t enough to handle our house. The trane rep. that came out wants around
    10,000.00 and the rebate, to fix our upstairs tunnels, or air carriers,( whatever you call them i am a woman), man, we
    can’t even have the rebate. I am so sick of me and my still, working, helping me clean, 82 year old husband, being
    ripped off….

  63. we are in the process of looking for new unit,can anyone give us referance,advice,recomendation of reliable honest dealer in Clearwater Florida,apreciate any replies,Thank You Larry.

  64. We live in East Tennessee, our HVAC system was on the verge of breaking down, and our ductwork was putting a bad smell in the house. Just completed installation of new Trane system, complete with ductwork. After reading reviews and getting 0%financing for 4 years, we went with a dual fuel heat pump/ gas furnace system. We got a Trane XL20i 4 ton heat pump and XC95m gas furnace coupled with the Comfortlink 2 (XL950) control. We had several estimates from Comfort Assured Trane Specialists and went with a very reputable firm, Lafayette Heat and Air of Kingsport, TN. Their installers were outstanding and worked diligently to get the system up and online, spending 12 hours here one day just so we would not have to go without A/C for another night. The retrofit was challenging but the results are great. We can’t wait to see what the savings will be for our air conditioning this summer and then our heating this winter. Our total cost (16,200) sounds high, but we replaced everything and it took some work to put new ductwork in our sunroom addition. I would highly recommend Lafayette to anyone looking to have work done to their HVAC system. I would also recommend Trane equipment.

  65. In Balt/DC area…Had a 20+ year old system that was having service work done on it every year for the past 5 years… it was time for to replace it…
    Went with 97% furnace XV95 – Two stage ECM Variable Speed and a XL18i – R410A Two Stage Cooling. Installation is tomorrow. Hope everything goes well. Replacing 10 seer AC and 80% furnace… Total cost was $8300 before utility rebates of $1400 = So Grand Total will be $6900… I feel this was a really good deal…

    Would love everyones feedback on the XL18i and XV95… Thanks!

  66. I have 3 Trane Units here in Phoenix Arizona. The 1 Unit seems to run properly but has some type of freon leak. I have had 3 different companies assess and all 3 state I need a new unit. Is there not some way to find the leak and repair it. It is almost 110 degrees here and we are not able to sleep in the bedrooms. I think I will call Trane and also the Registrar of Contractors. It seems like a crime that Trane does not stand behind their product and that these technicians come out with freon and charge 485.00 for nothing. I am furious with this situation. A new Unit 3.5 ton was quoted as 10,900.00 with an Arizona Public Service rebate and a 300.00 trade in. I am sick of being ripped off by companies and predatory sales people. Does anyone in Arizona have a suggestion?

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