Carrier Infinity Heat Pump System Review

infinity-hpCarriers Heating and Cooling flagship product, the Carrier Infinity System, is available in all of their popular HVAC system lines from split systems and package units. This review looks at the Carrier Infinity Heat Pump System, which includes the following HVAC system components:

  • Infinity Heat Pump Condenser
  • Infinity Variable Speed Air Handler
  • Carrier Infinity Control System
  • Infinity Air Cleaner

Infinity Heat Pump Condenser

Carrier Corporation has determined that the Infinity 19 heat pumps that achieve system combinations of 14.5 SEER, 8.2 HSPF and 12 EER or higher meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency. Proper sizing and installation of equipment is critical to achieve optimal performance. Split system air conditioners and heat pumps must be matched with appropriate coil components to meet ENERGY STAR criteria. Ask your contractor for details or visit the ENERGY STAR web site.

  • Efficiency:  Up to 19 SEER/9 HSPF
    Make sure you ask your Carrier Contractor for ARI Ratings certification on these units. Even though it is advertised at 19 SEER, that is only possible with very unique and rare matchups. In most cases, the Carrier Infinity will achieve 15-17 SEER
  • Limited Warranty:  10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered. (Within 90 days of install) Otherwise you only get a 5 year warranty on parts. In addition, the warranty only remains with the original buyer or homeowner.
  • Sound Level: As low as 69 dB
  • Thermostat Controls Supported:  Infinity  Control
  • Diagnostics:  Infinity 18-point Technology
  • Refrigerant: Puron® refrigerant (R410A)
  • Compressor: 2-Stage scroll
  • Heating Capacity (Btuh)     24,000 - 60,000
  • Cooling Capacity (tons)     2 - 5
  • WeatherArmor Ultra
  • Galvanized steel
  • Powder-coated paint, baked-on complete coverage
  • Steel louver coil guard

Infinity Variable Speed Air Handler

The Infinity series air handlers, or Fan Coils, are designed to be the best match for all infinity systems. They feature onboard diagnostics that work in conjunction with the Infinity Control system, and have a unique variable speed blower, designed to provide the highest comfort in your home.

  • Limited Warranty:  10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered
  • 10-year parts limited warranty on optional tin plated coil
  • 5-year parts limited warranty on copper coil
  • Cooling Capacity (BTUH)  18,000 - 60,000
  • Controls Supported: Infinity Control
  • Smart diagnostics Technology
  • Refrigerant:  Puron refrigerant (R410A)
  • Thermostatic Expansion Valve
  • Washable filter
  • High efficiency, variable speed blower
  • Multipoise Installation (Horizontal or vertical)
  • 20-gauge galvanized construction
  • Baked on urethane base coat paint and polyester top coat

Infinity Control Thermostat

The Infinity Control Thermostat is one of the smartest controls on the market! Keep in mind however, that unless you have an infinity heating and cooling system, its useless! The build in sensors and diagnostic features of the heat pump and air handler, will only communicate with an Infinity controller.

  • Limited Warranty: 10-year parts limited warranty when properly registered (Within 90 days)
  • As an ENERGY STAR partner, Carrier Corporation has determined that the Infinity™ Control meets the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • Ideal Humidity System
  • Clean filter, maintenance, IAQ reminders on the thermostat
  • Supports up to 8 separate zones
  • Programmable: 7-day, 2-4 periods/day
  • Remote access optional
  • Battery-free power supply
  • Aesthetics Backlit LCD Display

Carrier Infinity Review Summary

Truthfully, having worked around Carrier products for quite some time, they do make one of the nicest and smartest units on the market! All said however, you will be hard pressed to find a Carrier Infinity Heat Pump System that meets the 19 SEER they advertise, and you must be sure to ask your carrier contractor for an ARI rating sheet.

The comfort you get from Carrier Infinity is matched only by the upper end of systems with any other manufacturer, but with that in mind, there is a premium for that comfort!

Carrier Infinity Heat Pump System Cost

[adsenseone]The installed cost of an Infinity system will vary widely due to the different nature of every installation. However, you can reasonably expect to pay 2-2.5 times the cost of a standard system install. In other words, if you got a quote for $6000 for a 13 seer system, you can expect an Infinity system to go in the $12,000 range or higher. The equipment itself cost twice as much in most cases, and the Contractors will pass that, along with the added level of technology they have been trained on, to the buyer.

Please Leave your Own Carrier Infinity Reviews below. Within your review, let others know the area you live, (Texas, California, North Carolina, etc) the size of your system, and the ballpark cost you paid to have it installed.

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  1. we have a carrier infinity heat pump in our home for 4 years now. its a great system in providing comfort to the home, but seems to require more maintenance than our previous carrier system did.

    Aside from the seasonal maintenance, we have had to call out the contractor 2-3 extra times when it decides to shut down for no reason, or the control locks us out.

    wyatt – charleston wv, 3 ton infinity, $9500 in 2005

  2. We had our unit replaced in 2006 with a new Carrier Infinity system a 5 ton unit installed. Great for the electric bill. We are in San Antonio, Texas.
    The only problem we have had is that the heat strips have been coming on the same time that the A/C unit comes on. It has taken the repair company two and a half months to find the problem, it has happened before (3 times)and they thought that problem was fixed. So if your electric bill keeps going up have them check for this, ASAP.

  3. Send me some instructions on how to set your carrier heat pump system. Mine is 90 one minute and 70 the next. I want a constant 74 or near constant. Thanks

  4. After much research, I decided to replace my 14 year old Trane heatpump with a 4 ton, 2 stage Carrier Infinity with 3 stage, 9kw aux. electric heaters and Infinity air purifier. The unit has run flawlessly since it was installed 12 months ago.

    Probably more so then other systems, the Infinity requires a tight duct system that has a low pressure drop in the return air duct.

    Because the system uses a two stage compressor and fan speed it is very quit, inside and out. It runs as a two ton system approximately 84% of the time in our area of North Central Florida.

    Compared to our previous thermostat, the Infinity controller can be a bit intimadating but if you follow the steps in the owner’s manual it quickly becomes more user friendly. I like being able to set up the system to the spectifications I prefer.

    The controller allows for different day and night temperture settings but we prefer to keep the day/night settings the same. Unlike other forms of heat, I did not believe there would be any cost savings by lowering the temperture at night and raising the tmeperature in the morning.

    The fact that the system can control temperature and humidity independently is a real advantage in our area. We set the humidity at 47% and the sytem runs only occasionally in the humidity mode.

    The air quality control of the Infinity Air Purifier is outstanding. The replaceable media filter that is built into the electronic purifier is expensive ($84.00) but it is only replaced once a year in most cases.

    During the Spring and Fall when neither the heatpump or the AC is operating, I set the fan speed to continuous on medium speed to keep the air quality high throughout the house.

    We have averaged $65.00 a month savings on our electric bill over the previous 12 months since we had the Infinity intalled.

    As far as I am concerned, Carrier is at the top of their game with the Infinity series heatpump. Bill

  5. I’ve owned an Infinity Heat Pump for less than 2 years and it has NEVER worked for more than 2 months without a major event. Summer 2009 we went 3 months using the 35 year old carrier that we couldn’t afford to replace because the new 3 ton Infinity kept saying there was a problem with the outside temp sensor – cooling bill was $900 more over a 3 month period than with the original units. Winter 2010 our heating bill went to $800 in January – we live in mid-state SC, not a cold area, and set our thermostat to 65 daytime and 62 night…strip heaters ran constantly without our knowledge. Again this spring, the AC would not come on due to a thermostat error – we have been w/o AC for the past 37 days and neither Carrier or Sears seems to care. I lay particular blame on the installation crew who had to call Carrier for step-by-steps during the entire process AND they didn’t run new thermostat control wires, instead used the existing 35 years old control assembly – very poor choice. I am having the system pulled out and sent to salvage – installing a single 5 to Water Furnace Geothermal unit!

  6. I am in the process of getting several bids for a new HVAC. I live in North East Florida. One bid was the Infinety and I like what I see.The other Carrier dealer said that the Infinety would not operate properly because of static air pressure, the stat would shut it off. Whar are the requirements for a 4 ton Infinety (ducts)

  7. I’ve owned a 3 ton Carrier Infinity- top of the line – for 2 years…and it still doesn’t work! Installed by Sears Home Pro out of Charlotte, NC. Initial install guys used the existing 30+ yr old wiring from thermostat to unit which resulted in a full year of error codes and assorted problems. By the end of the 1st year my heating bills were running $800 and cooling was $900. Sears has not attempted to seriously resolve the problem while Carrier seems not to care b/c Sears did the sales and install. This is the 2nd summer and from April 2 – 1st date we attempted to run AC – until now, May 26, we’ve had to AC. 9 days ago Sears sent a service tech who, after a phone consultation with Carrier, decided the compressor was bad. Like I said, that was 9 days ago and I’ve heard nothing from Sears. I’ve files a formal complaint with the FTC and the BBB – which, by the way, Sears is not a member. I want the system out and my money back. Carrier Infinity…infinitely expensive, infinitely complex, infinitely bad.

  8. I would not recommend an Infinity system. We had a Carrier unit for 20 years, 8 SEER and replaced it with an Infinity 19 SEER. Our utility bills went through the roof, about double. I’ve had the installer out several times, Air Comfort (wouldn’t use them either) and a Carrier representative with no postive results. I recommend checking out the competition.

  9. We have a Carrier Infinity system that is about 2 1/2 years old. Stopped working about 2 weeks ago. Contractor has been out to service the unit numerous times of which the reversing unit keeps failing. Finally they replaced the entire outdoor system, turned it on and the TXV unit failed in the air exchanger! I spent almost $10K for what I was told was the best system on the market. Turns out it’s piece of junk! Needless to say, I will not purchase another Carrier system!

  10. We just had a 4 ton Infinity 16 heat pump installed by Comfort Zone with Infinity Control thermostat and Infinity variable speed air handler. We had planned to get the Trane, but same system was going to be $3000 more. The installers were very knowledgeable about the system. They checked out every supply line for performance. They added another intake. They went over the instructions on the thermostat. Our house was 89 degrees when installation began that morning. System was installed by 4:00 PM, and the inside temp got down to set 74 degrees by 11:35 PM. We set our system to go up to 76 during the day and drop to 74 at night. With the incredible dehumidifying features of this system, 74 degrees is cold. So far we love the system. We did get the 10 year parts and labor warranty for assurance.

  11. We have a 5 ton Carrier Infinity system. Have had quite a bit of trouble during the cooling season with system shutting down for no apparent reason and then comming back in anywhere from 3 to 6 hours.
    Have had no trouble with during the heating season. System was instlled in of March 2008.
    When it is operating it is highly efficient, quiet and economical. I recommend a service contract because it is something new and going through growing pains.

  12. I had a 16 SEER Infinity system installed in my home early June. FE4005 / 8kw, 25hpa648, mechanical filter, Infinity control. I removed an old 3 1/2 ton unit and went with the suggested 4 ton unit. The first electric bill only had the new a/c for 21 days and our family was gone for a total of seven. The daily average kWh jumped from 56 to 60. Our installer “inspected” the unit and insisted this could not be true. They told us to wait another month. Here we are, a month later, we took our summer vacation for one week. Set thermostat at 80 degrees, nobody was home watching TV, playing on computers, cooking, washing clothes etc. my average daily kWh dropped to 59. June was hotter than July also. Again, the unit was “inspected” and nothing could be found! Where is the energy savings I was told I would get? I would have been better off keeping my money and my old a/c.
    In doing my own visual inspection, I notice the air handler installed in the garage sweats alot. I found a couple leaks in the ducts which I repaired with mastic.
    Very frustrated in Florida!

  13. I have a gas infinity system. August 2011. So far, so good. I am however, ticked because I requested all the same series unit parts ( infinity ics). I think I’m saying this correctly – They switched the infinity fan coil and installed the performance series evaporator coil. I specifically said NO interchangeable parts. Been there done that with my first upstairs unit. So is it safe to assume this was done for profit reasons? I will not stand by and take this.

  14. I was sold a new Carrier Infin.system and the install went great no problems.After 2 days the system started making strange noises and the installer has been out 2 times now and it’s still not fixed.The best service man for the installer has said that he’s been in touch with Carrier and problem still not fixed.Having had to take off all this time from work has added to the cost of the system over $600.00 and still not resolved.In the next few days they will be giving me my money back and taking this junk out of my house and I will go with a Trane.The system that was replaced was a Trane and it was 25 years old and never gave us any problems just figured it was time for a new one.Learned my lesson.If it isn’t broke don’t fool with it.

  15. I am looking at the Carrier Infinity 19 with hspf of 9.0 and the Carrier Infinity 20 Greenspeed with hspf of 13. Live in the North East US. Is the Infinity 20 Greenspeed worth $1,400 more than the 19?

  16. 8 years ago we went with 3 top of the line Carrier Infinity units with about 12 total zones. While the electric bills are good, the systems have been buggy and cranky since they were installed. Things like starting relays, contacts, compressors have been replaced. Not on every unit but the point is they have ALL had major work done. Any energy savings was lost in repair fees.

    Don’t. Do. It.

    I am so sorry I did.

  17. ive been installing hvac equipment for 30 yrs. a carrier infinity system is top of the line system.i find 99.9% of carrier systems that have problems is the installers do not know how to properly design and install them.sear is the worst. they use the lowest bid contractors.i will take a carrier over trane anyday.if a contractor sells you a high system.make sure they show you a ahri certicate to prove the system is that rating. remember your system is only as good as the instaler installing it.

  18. Carrier Infinity is a piece of crap. Installed new system 4.0 Heat Pump and coil, it will not cool my home. Sears and Carrier say it works fine. An electrician ran a test on the heat pump amp usage and it was 6 to 10 time higher that the schematic shows without the coil kicking on. I now have a lawyer working on it. They have damaged the value of my home but they don’t care. Bill continue to go higher and my house does not stay cool.

  19. I bought two top Infinity Heat pumps by Carrier. They replaced 20-year old Tranes. The three-ton had a water overflow during the week it was installed(2009). The two-ton unit had an overflow last summer sometime and it wasn’t noticed until the watermarks were seen on the walls and ceiling (It’s in a third floor attic)

    The local Eustis, FL installers are mostly unresponsive and unable or unwilling to determine what happened. They advised me to keep checking the system for damp walls! The 10-year guarantee seems to be of questionable value and Carrier just said to find another dealer. Carrier licensed dealers seem to be quite independent and this outfit seems to have no ability to rectify issues.

    My Tranes were old but NEVER leaked water in 20 years. Both Carrier Infinity units failed in the first 3 years. On that basis, I would never recommend wasting money on such products even though the installers may be the root cause of less than proper installation.

    It takes a lot of talent, skill, and ability to communicate with customers. I found few of these qualities in trying to figure out why both units dumped water on the floor. Auto cut-off switches were of no value. Carrier demonstrated a lack of ability to stand behind their product for customer satisfaction. Their after sales effort is the worst I have seen in the AC business.

    I would think twice about Carrier service!

  20. I am looking to install a Carrier Green Speed in my home this Fall in Seattle. Any tips I could get would be helpful.


  21. 12/22/12 Sataurday.

    I had an infinity greenspeed installed in October. So far, my advice to anybody out there who is shopping for a HVAC replacement system, don’t buy the Greenspeed yet. We have bugs right now that are not being resloved. The company that installed it were high on Carrier hype and shy on experience with the product, apparently so are carrier techs.

    First off, the jury is still out on the system claim that it will operate to near zero temps with no supplementary heat strips or other supplementary heating furnaces.

    At the moment, we are just going into the real heating season here in Central Virginia, it having been warm this fall as temps stayed mostly above 40f until now. At the moment the system will not heat properly when the outside temps are below 40F. It will try to heat to 70f, for example, but will not achieve set 70f request until the day warms to over 40f. We had the thermostat set to 60F at night,heating to 70 at 6AM. Outside temps were 35. At 10AM the temps climbed to 66F.Four hours to gain 6 degrees!.

    The repairaman was going through the technicals with a Carrier Tech for hours last Thursday to resolve the issue. So far, no resolution.

    The system is quiet, inside and out, I’ll say that for it. The comfort level, when, and how it cools is top notch. The Infinity touch control displays (among many other things), outside as well as inside temps.

    Unfortunatly Carrier engineers must have been having a senior moment when they picked the location for the outside sensing device. They put it inside the outdoor unit!. The only time it is accurate is when the sun is down in summer, and the unit is off in winter. The sun shines on our outdoor unit around 4pm during the fall. The sensing device records 8 degrees warmer that our thermometer when it moves in. when the sun moves away, the sensing device agrees with the home thermometer. The same deviation occurs when it heats. Why not?.

    Wait awhile before you jump into this purchase, ask for references from those who have them installed, wait to see if this unit survives the technical problems it has with it’s own selling points.

  22. We have Carrier Infinity system. Worked well initially, especially air conditioning, however heating has been a problem. It appears that installers aren’t familiar enough with the technology to understand the fix. Everything is trial and error. The main problem is Carrier itself. They have something that they call “Customer Service” a 1 -800 phone number that you can call if questions. The answer is ” Call your installer” for any answers. They won’t answer the simplest of questions, I advised them that the installer doesn’t have the knowledge to fix the problem, carrier doesn’t offer technical assistance…ie won’t stand by their overpriced, overhyped product. They make a sale then blame distribution, installation, blah, blah… They are useless. I suggested that perhaps i should have them uninstall the system and get a new model from a better company and the “customer service” representative said that would be fine…total DB…just the representative that i would want for my company.

    Only way to fix the problem is to stop purchasing carrier products until their is no longer Carrier and they will eventually have to fire the idiotsin charge. They even make it difficult for installers to talk to the engineers that actually understand how the system works so that they might advise the technician on the proper most efficient fix. I think that the system could work well if installation is overseen by engineers that made and understand the system. When the knowledge base isn’t there, only problems will occur. The Problem is Carrier Corporate Management and absence of customer service, period.

  23. Do NOT buy a Carrier Infinity system!!! They do not stand by their products! We bought the Carrier Infinity for almost $10,000. We also, paid for the 10 year parts and warranty. The compressor went out(after 7 years) and Carrier knows there’s a problem with the compressors, but, said we can get a new compressor, but, only one. If it goes out you can’t get a new one. You can opt to buy a whole new unit for $995. But, if yo decide to just have the compressor replaced(one time only), and it goes out, you have to pay full price for a new unit. I thought a 10 year warranty, was good for 10 years. My advice….. Do not buy a Carrier brand!

  24. I asked for a bid from an airconditioning guy who has 17 yrs experience; he says. He and his crew love the Ifinity system. He says they have never had a bad word about their installations and even the city permit guy has called the company to tell them what a good job they do. He said they are about 20% higher, but the customers love these installers. He quoted me a price of 27,000$ and something for a 16 Carrier Complete Horizontal Heat Pump plus two 13 seer 2 tons with 5000.00$ in rebates; makes it 22,000$ and something at 380.00$ a month for 60 months. He figures we could save half of that in electric costs. I live in Fort Worth Tx.and use 5 to 6 thousand kwhs a month right now at 7.4cents a kwh. Our 3 systems run on freeon and leak. They are 9 yrs old and 12 or 13 seer. The furnances don’t work on them either. It can get pretty cold in December and January. I haven’t sought any other bids yet. When he first talked to me he thought the system would be 18,000$. Definitly under estimated. So does anyone think that is a bit high? This will be a 2013 unit, and
    maybe the units have gotten better in the last several yrs.

  25. I’ve been dealing with HVAC service about a communication error with no results. Anyone know a competent Atlanta resource to address this issue?

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