Trane XL16i Air Conditioner Review

The Trane XL16i central air conditioner offers a great bargain with quiet, efficient two-stage cooling. It maintains the industry's highest efficiency, with a SEER rating that approaches 18. This more than qualifies it for an Energy Star Seal, and it is therefore eligible for rebates, grants and income tax credits.

In this air conditioner review, we'll take a look at one of the greatest air conditioners to cool your home, with a Trane XL16i review.

Just like the heat pump we covered in the Trane XL14i heat pump review last week, the XL16i comes in four different sizes, from 2.5 tons to 5 tons, each perfect for a different type of building. The patented two-stage Climatuff® compressors and variable-speed fan motor contribute to an extraordinarily quiet and efficient design, because the two-stage cooling essentially gives you two air conditioners in one. One quiet compressor runs for most purposes, and a heavy-duty compressor kicks in when it gets really hot. The two stage compressor really kicks in high marks on this Trane xl16i air conditioner review.

[adsenseone]The XL16i is one of the highest rated in its class, and has options unavailable even in other Trane units. For example, unlike the others, this unit uses a charge assist feature to help the technician know if the unit operates at or near factory temperatures. The XL16i can also interface with the indoor unit and take control of the indoor fan motor. Advanced model units have multi-stage systems, but the two-stage system of the XL16i is more than sufficient for most climates, and nearly as efficient. Not only does the high energy efficiency qualify for rebates in the Energy Star program, and local rebates as well, but Trane itself offers rebates. This can make the unit extremely affordable. Of course the unit comes with the industry-leading 10-year limited warranty for both compressors, the Spine Fin™ outdoor coil, and all moving parts.

If you want reliability you cannot do better than Trane. They are an undisputed industry leader in heating and cooling technology. Though the corporation began in Wisconsin a century ago, it has grown to be a global player, and has now joined the Ingersoll Rand family. They have won countless awards and maintain HVAC systems in an array of prestigious buildings, from the Statue of Liberty to the Washington Monument, the Kremlin to the Australian Stock Exchange. Trane sells more than $8 billion worth of HVAC supplies a year.

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  1. I bought a complete Trane Heating and Air Conditioning System in 2006, XL16i, Model 4TTX6036B1. The Condenser Coil in the Air Conditioning unit was guaranteed for 10 years. It began leaking last year but the nature of the leak wasn’t discovered until this year. Trane ran out of these parts in May. They say they will begin making them again in July. I have no promised delivery date. No warrantee is worth anything if the company is unable to provide the parts. Meanwhile my family has been suffering without any air conditioning and it appears that we won’t have any for at least most of this summer. Not only is this company’s warrantee program worthless, it shows the total incompetence of their management to allow this to happen and offer no alternative. Any reputable company would have simply replaced the whole unit if repair parts were not available.

  2. In June 2009 I bought a TRANE XL16i variable speed air conditioner and gas furnace for over $11,500, not to mention extra dollars to have hard ducts in the attic replaced with flex. Six months after the installation the “personality” module and the fan blower motor were not working properly and were replaced by TRANE on a “recall” (which they now refuse to admit was initiated by them.) In July 2014, my AC stopped working again due to a bad fan blower motor and module. In other words, in a 5-year period, the fan blower motor and module have been replaced TWICE! The first time TRANE paid for the replacement, but the last time they only paid for the parts leaving me to pay almost $700 in labor, even though my extended labor warranty had expired only 30 days earlier and the fan blower motor was not even 5 years old. Of course the parts were not available on the west coast and had to be sent from Tennessee (are you kidding?) I live in California and the weather was over 100 degrees every day for the entire week I waited for the parts. TRANE said they would expedite the shipping if I paid an extra $150. When the part finally arrived the box was about the size of a large toaster. No way it cost an extra $150 to ship! My local dealer says that Trane was bought out by Ingersoll Rand a few years ago and their customer service has gone to the dogs so he dropped TRANE. I know that my unit XL16i is a piece of junk and it is only a matter of time until it breaks again. I sooo regret buying a TRANE. Don’t make the same mistake.

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