Trane 4 Ton Gas Pack Model Trane 2YCC3048

It is not too often that you find HIGH Quality Trane HVAC equipment for sale online! When you do stumble onto a package unit like the one listed in this featured HVAC deal of the week, you need to get it before its gone!

As many know, TRANE is by far one of the better HVAC manufacturers in the market. Their quality is hard to match from any of the others and their HVAC equipment is known to last for several years longer than other brands. When you want a high quality HVAC unit on the side of your home, Trane is usually the first choice!

[adsenseone]The 4-Ton 13 SEER Trane Gas Pack listed below is the perfect match for anyone looking for a quality replacement unit for their home or mobile home.

Trane Gas Package Model 2YCC3048A

(Info from the sellers listing)

Trane 2YCC3048 4 Ton Gas Package Unit Features:

  • Model # 2YCC3048A1096AA
  • 96,000 BTU Gas heat
  • 13 Seer Electric Air Conditioner
  • R22 Refrigerant
  • 208-230 Voltage (Most common for household and mobile home usage)
  • Single phase (Residential, not commercial)
  • TXV for higher efficiency
  • 45 Amp Breaker
  • Mulitiple Speed Blower

This unit would easily cost $6000+ installed by your local Trane dealer!

Can I Install my own Package Unit?

As far as installation of HVAC units go, package units are the easiest, since everything is self contained in the single unit! In most cases, you can reuse your existing duct connectors as well asd the shield that covers the connections between the unit and your home. If they get a bit mangled during the removal of your existing package unit, you can easily find the replacement parts at your local home depot, or HVAC supply house. Creating a new shield can be more challenging, but again... once you have a piece of sheet metal, you can use the old shield as a template for the new, making the job complete!

Save Thousands on this Trane Gas Pack, but get it Before Its Gone!


5 Comments on Trane 4 Ton Gas Pack Model Trane 2YCC3048

  1. We have this exact unit on the basement level of our house. I got it from a local friend who owns an HVAC business and he probably shouldnt have sold it to me, but he did.

    Anyhow… the install was alot easier than I thought it would be and I didnt know why the price quotes came in above 7k from 3 separate contractors. It took me less than 1 full day to put it in and I had my buddy come and start it up for me… everything worked perfectly and has done since the day it was installed.

    5 stars from me all around, except the install part. I had to go buy some square to round adapters, which were only like $15 each.

  2. we have a trane gas pack on our home and it has been one of the best investments we ever made! We used to have a bryant that was always breaking down.

  3. We will need to replace the 2 electric/gas air and heat units we
    have now. Unbelievably,they are 23 yrs old and still working!
    I would like some advice – The air conditioner is electric and bill in the summer is outrageous due to the pool pump running and temps near 100 much of the summer (not to mention the units are OLD and not efficient). Our heat is natural gas and the winter gas bill is really
    reasonable compared to the summer electric bill. These are 2 and 3 ton
    units. The house is 3400 square feet. I am wondering if
    we could buy one 4 ton gas pack or if we need to look at two 2 & 3 ton units again? (just trying to save money). I am not eager to get electric again and am excited to see that there is this heat/air gas pack. Thanks for any input!

  4. Trane is the best unit. Might cost more than the others, but it’s an investment and when you’re going to spend the money anyway, might as well get something that lasts.

    Shad Dixon

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